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Chatzitzah of Leg Hair

If a women typically shaves her legs especially before going to the mikvah.

If 1 time she forgot to shave them is it a chatzitzah? What if she only realized a couple days later?

R’ moshe feinstien says that in regards to women who shave their head, if one forgot to its not a chatzitzah stating that its even better than nails because its only a chumrah… My question is can we say the same thing by shaving of the legs? The reason she shaves her legs is not to be nivul. So is this a chatzitzah bedieved even after being together?


There is no need for a second tevilah.


Even concerning fingernails, the source of the stringent ruling is the Raavan (as cited by the Shach to 198:20), and many poskim dispute his ruling (see Taz and Bach).

Concerning hair, although the Chasam Sofer (Yoreh De’ah 195) writes a stringency with regard to cutting hair, the great majority of authorities are lenient, and write that there is no chatzitzah.

Iggros Moshe (see Yoreh De’ah 2:80, 88) stresses that the Raavan is a daas yachid, and adds that his words can be limited to an excessively long fingernails alone (the same might apply to leg hair which has grown to unseemly proportions). A similar statement is made by Shevet Ha-Levi (4:109).

Taharas Yisrael (from the Av Beis Din of Prague, 198:23) writes explicitly that even if a lady is careful to shave hair every month, and forgets, the hair is not considered a chatzitzah.

This is all the more true after being together.

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