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Lost Bedika Cloth

Dear Rabbonim,

We are 4/5 weeks afterbirth of a new daughter and had started to count the 7 clean days.

Having had children in very quick succession I have not gained, or have forgotten the colours which break the counting.

On Day 3 the cloth showed a light brown colour but had some concentrated darker spots. Unfortunately we have been travelling around and the sample was lost in transit.

Does the safek break the counting? We have since had clean days.

Thank you in advance


It is very difficult to determine the halachic status of a bedika without seeing it first hand. The basic rule is that if the brown had any red tinge to it even a slight one, it would in fact break the counting. Small concentrated spots often require the expertise of a Rav to determine their status. I would suggest starting the count again from after that incident. So the bedika done the following day would count as the hefsek tahara, and the following day would be the 1st day of the 7 clean days.

Mazal Tov!

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