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Questionable Quorum

Hi Rabbi Chodev Tov U’mevorah
I have a question regarding praying in a minyan in work in which most people are not what someone would call frum and there is about exactly 10 people praying. My concern is that since not everyone is so educated a lot of the words in Chazarat hashatz are mispronounced, not everyone is necessarily answering the Amenim, I need to Rush the amidah in order that they dont wait for me and lastly I heard once from a rav that if someone is praying with a minyan of exactly 10 and he feels not everyone is having Kavanah in the first Blessing (avot) then they may not even be yotzei the amida at all and I should be careful to try to avoid this because it may not count as if I am part of a minyan. Would it be advisable for me to not actually pray at this minyan but rather just be someone who answers the amenim for them? (since they are not so well educated group this could be the only time they are praying with a minyan all day) thank you so much and only brocha vehatzlacha to you and your family!


If you have another minyan to attend and the time to attend both minyanim that may be preferable, but otherwise you should continue to daven with this minyan. Although there are various aspects of the minyan which are bdieved as you note, it is still tefilla btzibbur, and a great zchus to help fill a minyan for people who would otherwise not daven with a minyan and often not daven at all.


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