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Yichud for Divorced Spouses

6 months ago I gave my wife a get. We have been living seperately, me in New York, her in Virginia. Our 2 sons are with me.
For the last month and half, we’ve been talking about trying to work things out and get remarried. A lot of factors involved in that. She came up to NY to visit and we went on a couple dates. There’s possibility it could happen, still also a lot of hesitancy from both of us.
Next week me and the 2 boys are driving down to VA to visit her for a week. She wants me to stay in her appartment with the 2 boys. It’s a 2 bedroom, she has a room, the boys have a room, and I would sleep in the living room (or in the boys room I guess.)
Is this at all permissible?? Or should one finding another place to stay?


You should not be staying in the same house. In general, you may not be in seclusion with her. However, meeting for the purpose of possible remarriage would be permitted [without this purpose, it is in fact prohibited to maintain any relationship with a divorced spouse].


See Shulchan Aruch E:H 119, 7-9. Shu”t Raanach 58

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