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Moving on after a divorce


My friend’s husband has had multiple affairs then left my friend when she confronted him. He left her with all the bills and even big loans she knew nothing about. Her children are grown but are dependent upon her. Her husband told her he wanted to live his own life. She is drowning in bills and for some reason still loves her husband and is unable to move on with her life. She keeps telling me that she is supposed to be obedient to her husband but I believe she wants someone, besides her co-workers, to tell her to move on with her life. Any sage advice?


It is hard to say something definitive without really knowing the situation, but based solely on your letter, it seems that although upset about her husband’s behavior she essentially still wants the relationship; however her husband doesn’t want it anymore. Although is it very sad, and painful for her to be in this situation, if these are the facts, she should definitely more on. She has no obligations to her husband since he doesn’t want to be her husband any longer. She needs to get a divorce from him, and she should try to do everything in the most peaceful way possible. The issue of the bills has to be worked out, the same way that alimony, child support, and the division of the properties has to be negotiated and settled. Hopefully she will be able to find someone else that is more faithful and will provide her with her needs

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