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Spreading butter on bread or icing on cake on Shabbos


is it permitted to spread butter on bread and icing on cake for taste reason


It is permitted to spread butter on bread and it isn’t a problem of memareiach. The reason for this is because in general there is no memareiach regarding food. There are however rishonim that question if there is a rabbinical prohibition. Therefore the Rema says that although it is permitted to smooth out food, (for example icing on a cake) however if someone is careful amount this will be blessed. This applies only to making the food smooth looking and nice, however if the reason it is being spread is not for cosmetic purposes, but only so that it will cover the other food, such as when spreading butter on bread etc. then it is totally permitted.    Therefore if the icing is being spread on the cake to cover the cake it is also permitted


Rema O:CH 321-19 M:B 82 B:H D:H Tavo Alav

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