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How do I toivel a toaster (the kind bread pops up from)?


Is there any way to toivel a toaster (the pop-up kind of toaster, NOT a toaster oven) without ruining the electrical parts? If it’s submerged, it seems the whole system would be ruined. Or not?


You should toivel it by placing the whole toaster into the water. Afterwards shake out any water that is inside it, and let it stand in the sun or a warm place for two days, or you can blow dry it, and you will see that nothing will get ruined.

The toaster should be placing in the mikvah in a way similar to toiveling cups. When toiveling cups they should be put into the mikvah at an angle and then stood straight, so that no air gets trapped inside it and makes a chatzitza, (If a cup is placed inside the mikvah upside down, there will be air trapped inside the cup). Note; The covered parts of the toaster don’t have to get filled with water, only the exposed parts.


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