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Tzeddaka to a certain organization, in thought


I read through your article “Think before you Think”, but I would like a clear p’sak what to do in the following situation.

I met the director of a local g’mach, and decided in thought to give a significant (exact) sum to the g’mach. When I got talking to him, he told me that while they have a fund of close to $500K, they only have in circulation about $400,000 at a time. Which means, that if I give a donation, not necessarily will it be used; and really, there are other mosdos who are more in much more desperate need.

So for the question:

Must I give the amount (which is substantial) to the g’mach, even though it is not needed, and may not go into circulation, or can I give it to a different moisad?

Thank you,


If you though to give the money to the gemach and then you found out that it isn’t needed, it would be considered a mistaken neder and you don’t have to give it. However, if you can make up with the director that he is going to use your money then it isn’t a mistake, and it would be considered a neder.



R’ A. L. Goldberg shlit”a.

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