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Bride vs. orphan for tzedakah; concentrating vs. spreading donation

Question:finish sources, Rmbam…

Brocho v’Shalom, B”H

I am a teenage girl working at a small secretarial job with a modest income. So often, I received emails from crowdfunding platforms such as The Chesed Fund and my heart aches to see so many fellow Yidden in pain and need. They reach out to us, their siblings, and it feels terrible to ever have to say “no.” My family is experiencing some difficult times financially (though Hashem is giving us exactly what we need to fulfill our mission), however I realize my earnings aren’t truly mine but G-d’s and for His purpose. Sometimes, I struggle to balance between uncalculating giving and ‘practicality’ (for immediate lack of a better word), and wonder in a few instances how to gauge which causes take precedence when I have only an x-amount to give. I just want to know how to do what Hashem wants me to do. Here are my two most recent questions (although any additional information you feel would be helpful or pertinent would be most appreciated):

~In a case of a needy bride and a needy orphan, does one take precedence over the other?
~Is it preferable to concentrate your tzedakah or spread it when the option presents itself (in other words, more support for a single cause, or less each for multiple funds)?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Good (erev) Shabbos.


It is better to spread out your tzedakah than to give to one cause. One of the reasons is because each time you “stick your hand into your pocket to give to a poor person you, are conquering your yetzer hora and each time you give it polishes your middos a little more. Therefore, your other question will not really be applicable, nevertheless, the answer to it is, that it really depends on the individual circumstances of the need of the kallah and the orphan, and whichever one needs it more, should be given preference, therefore it is hard to give a clear answer. However, if all things would be equal, the kallah that can’t get married because she is poor would come before the orphan.

As a side point, if your family needs the money the preferred place to give it, is to relatives that need the money, with your immediate family coming first.


Rambam Avos 3-16, Y:D 249-15, Teshuvos V’hanhagos 1-60 (17).

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