Can one answer amen to anothers ‘al netilas yadayim blessing’ or ‘any other bracha heard’ AFTER making the bracha netilas yadayim for a bread meal BEFORE drying the hands, or is it a hefsik between completing the mitzvah?
(Please may you provide sources thankyou)



 It is controversial. Yabia Omer 8-20 says not to, however Ohr L’tzion 2-11(3) says it is permitted. His reasoning is since the mitzva was really completed when he finished pouring the water over his hands. This would apply especially if he washed his hands with more than a reviis, since then he doesn’t really need to dry his hands in order to make then tahor. P-iskei Teshuvos 158-24) paskens like the Ohr L’tzionץ

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