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instant noodle soup on shabbos


Hi am I allowed to make instant noodle soup on Shabbos, does irui mkli sheini help?

Or does it fall under the category of what the Baal HaTanya wrtites in siman שיח סוף סעיף י”א?


Making instant soups on shabbos has two potential issues. The first one is bishul. Very often the soups etc. will have different ingredients in them that are precooked. Such as spices, dehydrated vegetables and flavorings. This will vary from time to time and place to place. Additionally ,even if they were cooked, they have had to be in an edible state before being put into the soup mix. If the ingredients were not cooked, it would be permitted with irui kli sheini. As you wrote it would be similar to what the Baal Hatanya says. There will however be another point to know- if the soup mix has parsley flakes or other leafy, non cooked vegetables, ( which are considered kalei habishul- items that cook with a minimal amount of heat) then it will need a kli shleishi, (according to R’ Moshe) and according to other poskim even a kli shleishi will not be enough.

If one knows that all the ingredients in the instant soup have already been cooked, then it would be permitted in a kli sheini.

The second potential issue is losh. Mixes that will become a semi solid, such as puddings, jello, instant mashed potatoes, “mana chama”, instant noodles, that have a sauce, or will congeal a little while later will have an additional issue of losh. This is because when the water is added it will bind the particles in the soup to form either a thick or thin sauce, or a more solid mass. If there is an issue of losh we cannot add any water to them, even if it is cold.

If it just watery chicken soup and some noodles and there isn’t any sauce there, then it would be permitted with irui kli sheini, again only if it doesn’t contain uncooked parsley etc..




Halacha Berurah Afiya Ubishul 318- 122, also see pg. 484-485 that with instant soups the production process changes from place to place and from time to time, therefore each item much be checked out individually. Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 1-ftnt 185*, Meohr hashabbos 1-5 (31).

O:CH 318-4 M:B 34, Menuchas Ahava 2-10(46), Shabbos Kados losh -8  Igros Moshe OC:H 4-74- losh 3 & 7, See Shevet Halevi 8-63, regarding Makeh B’patish, and 7-41 (2) regarding losh.

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  1. Thank you for your answer. I noticed that you cited Halacha Berura on (Bishul) Afiya. Is there any way that you would be able to email that article to me? I think I would enjoy reading it.

    1. I wasn’t quoting the article Halacha Berurah, Rather the sefer Halacha Berura from R’ David Yosef.

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