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washing hands in bathroom


Can one wash their hands in the bathroom? what if there is a wall from ceiling to floor between the toilet and the sink, but still in the same room?


B’dieved one may wash their hands in a bathroom, but they should dry them and make the bracha outside. L’chatchila however it has to be halachically considered a different room. If there is only a wall, even if it is from ceiling to floor if it doesn’t have a doorway (tzuras hapesach) meaning a doorpost and the top of the doorway, it is considered the same room.


Minchas Yitzchok 4-36, Sharei Teshuva, O:CH 4-1

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  1. I know a lot of frum people who wash their hands in the bathroom when there is a wall, are they mistaking in halacha or there is any room for leniency?

    1. First of all, they are yotza if there isn’t another sink there. Besides what do you mean by “a wall”. What does it look like, and is it a halachic divider?

  2. not looking like an entrance just a wall of a specific measurement between the toilet and the sink…

    1. So why should that make it a differant room?

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