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Milchig fork in a Fleishig pan


Hi. A metal milchig fork that has not been used for at least 24 hours was accidentally used to probe potatoes that were boiling in a fleishig pan. The pan has also not been used for anything in at least 24 hours. What is the status of the fork and the pan? Also what is the status of the potatoes? I assume the fork was dipped in the water in which the potatoes were boiling. Thank you.


Since both the pot and the ladle were aino ben yomo, they will not make the other vessel treif. The potatoes are still pareve, however they should not be eaten together with milchig, since they were cooked in a fleishig pot. They may be eaten with fleishig, even though the fork was milchig, since there was 60 times the fork in the pan.


Y:D 94-1,2,4.

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