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Bishul akum


A non-observant (mechaleil Shabbos) Jew lit the fire on the stove (while cooking a meal with kosher ingredients in a kosher pot) and the oven in my house (after which bread was baked in that oven). Does the food in the pan now have the status of bishul akum, and the bread the status of pas akum?


The bread would be permitted. Regarding the cooked food, it is more complicated, since it is controversial if bishul akum would apply to the cooking of an irreligious Jew, and most poskim forbid it. In this specific case, we have another factor that the food was cooked in the home of a religious Jew, although this is also controversial, since we have both of these factors together, it would be permitted.


Ashrei Hoish Yoreh Deah 1 pg. 66 from R’ Eliyasiv zt”l,  that if an irreligious Jew cooked the food that it is only permitted if the situation is very b’dieved, however if we can add the factor that it is in the home of of a Religious Jew then b’dieved it is permitted. See Pischei Teshuva Y:D 112-1, 113-1, Ra’avad Brought in Tur 113, Y:D 113- 4, Taz ibid 3 .

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