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fish oil


.There is a medicine called levaza for high cholesterol . It is made from 100% unadulterated fish oil..
There are equally effective alternatives with hechsherim (even with the badatz) However, insurance will only pay for the prescription form.
Is it muttar to swallow it? it comes in a gelatin capsule.


You should buy the one with the hechsher. Firstly because most poskim hold that gelatin is not kosher unless it was made with a hechsher. Secondly, because the fish oil itself may be from a on kosher fish.


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  1. I was wondering if perhaps since the fish oil is surrounded by a capsule it can be considered shelo k’derech achilah or perhaps kurchu bisiv?
    as far as the capsule, perhaps it is not a food

    1. It is possible that in extenuating circumstances it can be permitted, however that is not the situation here.

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