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Relying on the seller to tell you the kashrus level


What is the definition of someone who is “muchzak b’kashrus” who can be relied on regarding kashrus even though he is making money from the food’s sale?


To be considered a “muchzak bkashrus” (Rema Y:D 119-1) the Aruch Hashulchan 119-11 says that the person has to be known to be an upstanding religious Jew. He daven three times a day, puts on a tallis and teffilin in the morning, washes his hands to eat, keeps a kosher home etc. This is to fulfill what the Rema says, however, nowadays based on the Taz Y:D 119-1 that due “kilkul hadoros”, therefore there was a takana called “takanas Haaratzos” that we should not buy something even from someone who is muchzak b’kashrus unless he has a hechsher from a Rov.


Bais Hillel Y:D end of siman 55, brought in Be’er Heitiv Mahari Tiktin 119-3, Darcei Teshuva 119-6.

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