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Is it better not to eat something that is kosher only bdieved if you don’t have to (and there wont be any loss)? Meaning can I go to a store or restaurant and specifically buy something that is only kosher bdieved, since it was already made? Or is it better to by something else that is kosher lchatchila? If my friend makes a cholent and due to a mistake in the kitchen its only kosher bdieved, am i allowed to specifically go over to his house and partake in eating it or lchatchilla i should not due to the fact that its only kosher bdieved? Please provide sources if possible.


It is hard for me to understand your question. If you know that something is kosher only b’dieved and you can buy something else l’chatchila, or course you should buy the l’chatchila item. If you have a top doctor or a mediocre one, do you need sources to explain to you to go the better doctor?

Regarding eating by your friend, it is more complicated and it depends on the situation, because you have to take your friends feelings into consideration. If the question is l’maaseh, we can deal with it then.

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