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Moving an electrical appliance on Shabbos that was already on beforehand


Can I move an electric fan on Shabbos (to redirect the air) if it was already on before Shabbos? Obviously would not push any buttons.


According to most poskim a fan that is blowing air is considered a kli shemilachto l’issur, and may be moved l’tzorech gufo umikomo- if you need it’s use or the use of the place that it is occupying. Therefore one may move the fan in order to have it blow on him, or if it blowing and disturbing him to the degree that he wouldn’t sit there, (then it is considered as if it preventing my use f the place). When moving the fan one must be careful not to pull it out of the outlet. Note: According to some opinions, when possible, it is preferable to move it with your foot.


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