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Pseik Raisha D’Rabannan Sheino Miskaven


I know there is an argument about d’roysa. But is there an argument regarding rabbinic issurum that are pseik raisha but a person doesn’t intend for it? IE, turning on a battery operated light when opening something when the intent is not for the light. If there is an argument, may one rely on the lenient position in a situation of great need? Thank you.


Every psik reisha is when it is aino miskaven, and the fact that the outcome is inevitible makes the aino miskaven into a miskaven. The halachos of psik reisha apply even to things that are only an issur d’rabonon. Maybe you really mean a psik reisha dlo neicha lei, by a d’rabonon. it is controversial if a psik reisha dlo neicha lei needs one or two d’rabonons. There is controversy about this. I can’t give a rule about it and it would have to be dealt with on a case to case basis.


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