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Kesubah 2 Clairification


Thank you for the response.
In the response you wrote “It is preferable that the chosson know what it says in the kesubah, but even if he does know, it is still binding” – did you mean to say that even if he does NOT know, it still binding.
Meaning, that even if he did not fully understand or misunderstood the kesubah when going it over at the chosson tisch, it is still fine?


Why are you so surprised? What is binding about the kesubah is the fact that chazal were metaken that the chosson has to give his wife a kesuba, aside from this the chosson makes a kinyan on the obligation to give his wife a kesuba. ( See Even Haezer 66-1, and the Rema) Therefore even if he doesn’t know what it says in the kesubah it is still binding, and he has to give her the kesubah. This does not mean that the chosson doesn’t have to know what it says in the kesubah- he should be told what it says there, and he should know exactly what he is obligating himself to provide, ( see Rema E:H 66-13, Chelkas Mechukekibid 48, and Bais Shemuel 29). However if he did not know, it will still be binding.


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