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Can a mezuzah be placed on a headstone?


Can a mezuzah be placed on a headstone? My husband recently died and i’ve Sold my house to a non- Jewish family. I took my Mezuzah down and would like it to be placed at my husband’s headstone.


You should not put the mezuzah at your husbands headstone for two reasons. Firstly it isn’t the proper place for a mezuza, but only on the doorpost of a room tor a walkway that people live in or use . Secondly, being that the departed can no longer do mitzvos, it is in a way a sort of tease to them.

In order to perpetuated your late husbands memory, you might want to donate the mezuza to a new shul or yeshiva, so that the mezuza should be an everlasting memory in his merit.

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  1. The second reason brought is also why we tuck in our tzitzis upon entering the cemetery. To wear tzitzis before the dead is a way of “taunting” them that you can still perform mitzvos while they cannot (because they’re dead).

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