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Conversion during Omer



I am going through a conversion process, I was suppose to have the conversion done on lag b omer. The Rabbi has changed his opinion and arranging a beit din in the coming week. Are there any sources that negate this practice that it should be done on or after lag b omer?


How wonderful it is that you will soon be from those that it says on them that they are from H-shem’s loved ones. It isn’t easy to convert, but if you passed all the hurdles, and you have the opportunity, it should be done at the earliest day possible. There is a midrash that says that H-shem tells he converts “where were you until now”? Meaning that H-shem is waiting for you to convert. Besides, by converting  a week earlier you have another full week of mitzvos and reward in the world to come… a very worthwhile investment! Therefore the earlier you can do it the better. Regarding the omer period, it will not interfere with the process.

May you have much divine assistance and success in your new path in life..



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