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Re: the punishment of the person about whom lashon hara is spoken


In the article about lashon hara, it is stated that even the person about whom lashon hara is said, is punished. What is the basis for this–especially, if that subject of the lashon hara is an innocent party who does not even know he is being spoken about?


My apologies but I m not familiar with this article, and I don’t know why the person spoken about would get a punishment, unless he got involved with the lashon hora. I know that the person spoken about does get hurt because of the lashon hora, because it usually negatively affects him, but not that he is actually punished for the sin of the lashon hora. If it is true, it is possible that here is some kabbalah reason that I am not aware of.


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  1. He caused that lashon hara should be spoken about him, by doing something bad – and causing people to murmur about him.

    1. Very often the lashon hora that people speak is not because of s/t bad that someone did such as saying that someone is “not too smart”, or has embarrassing ancestry, or is a baal teshuva, when it isn’t his fault that he was born to a non religious family.

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