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fasting on T’ Bav


I would like to ask regarding a member of our family who is in his seventies. Not so long ago he fainted and after being taken to hospital it was diagnosed as vasovagal syncope. The (non Jewish) doctor advised him to avoid fasting. It subsequently became clear that over the last years he has in fact had several episodes of near faints (one of which was after Tanis Ester) but had managed to recover without actually losing consciousness. Boruch Hashem since then he has been very careful to remain hydrated all the time and has not had any problem. I would like to ask his Halocha with regard to Tisha B’av and Yom Kippur. Thank you very much.


From what you are describing, it seems that fasting would make him sick, therefore he would not have to fast on T’bav, especially this year that the fast is nidcha. Regarding Yom Kippur, at this point I can’t answer you, because I don’t know enough about the person’s condition, and it should be discussed with his doctor.

A person that has to break their fast on T’bav that is on Motzei Shabbos, like this year (5778), should not make havdalah right away, rather right before breaking the fast.  does not say the pesukim that are said before havdalah, (Hinei…). He also does make the bracha on b’samim, and if he already made the bracha Borei Meorei Haesh it shold not be repeated. (Someone making havdalah during the daytime never says the bracha on besamim or on the candle.) The wine or grape juice should preferably be given to a child to drink, however if there isn’t a child to give it to, the sick person should only drink a cheek full of wine.  . shoud

Refuah Shleima and Best Wishes


Kaf Hachayim 556-9, Dinie t’Bav shechal B‘yom ( R S. Doblisky zt”l) -52,53, T’bav Shehacl Bshabbos 9-6,

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