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Lighting chanukah candles late


I am a college student. My last class of the day ends around 8:30 causing me to get home around 10 or so. May I attend all classes regularly and light candles on Chanukah when I get home? Or should I leave in the middle of the day, light candles, and come back, even though this is a major inconvenience? Having someone light in my house is not an option.

Also, may I attend a Chanukah mesiba prior to going home, in order to hear Torah from gedolim, or do I need to go straight home?


If it is a major inconvenience, that would be considered a b’dieved situation, and since nowadays there are many people in the street later, you can rely on that, and light later.

Regarding going to the chanuka party, since you are anyways not lighting at the correct time, as long as you will be lighting when there are still people walking in the street when you get home, it is permitted to go hear the divrei torah. If your wife is at home it would be better for her to light the candles for you at the correct  time.

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