A frum Jew is invited to the lesbian wedding of a coworker who will soon be his boss. If he doesn’t attend he feels there will be parnassah implications. Can he attend? And please document sources in the answer. Thank you very much.


A Jew may not go to such a wedding, as going to such a wedding is a chillul H-shem- desecrating H-shem’s holy name. Attending such a wedding is publicly showing and giving such indecent behavior legitimacy, which is a chillul H-shem. These weddings are being done in order to make a public statement  that the two participants are not embarrassed about their immorality, and they are making a party and joyous occasion to celebrate sin, and a Jew can have no part in it. Additionally, attending such a wedding is encouraging such behavior, which is the issur of “chanufa”, flattery- encouraging negative, sinful behavior.

If you have to tell her why you are not coming, you can tell her your Rabbi doesn’t allow you to attend for religious reasons.


Sharei Teshuva 3-189, Tosefos Sota 41b D:H Oso,

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  1. Another eitza is to make a doctor’s appointment for that time.

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