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Canceling a hatzalah call on Shabbos


If someone calls Hatzalah on Shabbos and then realizes that everything is fine, should he call back hatzalah to cancel the call? Does it make a difference if it is in the New York area where hatzalah members drive back after call? Perhaps it is better to call back to prevent what they are allowed to do because of סופו משום תחילתן and by calling back you are preventing all the unnecessary driving after the call.



You should not call them to tell them not to come. The reason is because they are permitted to come, because they think that it is a life threatening situation, therefore they are not doing anything wrong. They are also allowed to go back under the same conditions as any other call. Therefore the only person violating Shabbos here would be you, because you are calling then and it isn’t not in order to save a human life.


Nishmas Avrohom 1-siman 238-1, Shulchan Shlomo 307-4(2), Shevet Halevi 8-193(2). See NIshmas Avrohom ibid that you may tell a gentile to call, however see Toras Hayoledes chap. 23 ftnt.1, that it wouldn’t even be permitted to tell a gentile to call them, because that would be a shvus. If you want, you can tell a gentile to tell another gentile to call.

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  1. so even if u could stop them without chilul shabbos u don’t have to
    for eg u want them to come to the call to say hi to a friend who works in hatzala

    charts in hospital get mixed up and the wrong person is eating on yom kippur for assumed pikuach nefesh – no reason to stop them as they are doing a mitzvah of חי בהם

    אלא מאי this is certainly a מעשה עבירה באונס and they should be stopped even with a shvus
    as we say חטא בשביל שיזכה as long as they were not פושע

    1. In all your cases the person is not doing any aveiro and preventing him from doing it will be doing a chesed, therefore of course we should try to stop him, and we are obligated to do so, because of arvus. However when the person trying to save the other is doing a small aveiro to save the other person from not doing an aveiro, that is not permitted.

      1. if the hatzla is not doing anything wrong what is the chesed, it is a chesed to let him drive to see a friend
        it is chesed to let someone eat on yom kippur bheter gamur and to fulfill the mitzvah of vchay bahem
        u have to decide is he doing a mitzvah or aveirah [beones]?

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