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assisting a mechallel shabbos


On Shabbos, in a reshus harabbim, there is a Jew who is standing outside a shul because he does not know the
password to open the door. The Jew is holding a bag (a mechallel Shabbos r”l). May one open the door for him
(whether from the inside or from the outside, such as someone who is also entering) even though he will now carry the bag inside and be chayiv sekila r”l? Or should one b’dafka not open or hold the door for him and use a different entrance, or otherwise do something to prevent him from entering with the bag?


If you can wiggle out of it in a way the person won’t be able to tell that you don’t want to open the door for him, then that is what you should do. However if your not opening the door for him will cause animosity and hate orthodox people and the torah, then it is better to open the door which will be less of an Aveiro for him.


Shach Y:D 151-6, Magen Avrohom O:CH 347-4, Minchas Shlomo 1-75.

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