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halachah status of pareve pan


I accidentally sautéed (pareve cut) onions, in a pareve pan, using a spatula that I’d just used to (in a dairy pan) make eggs with cheese. there was still cheese residue on the spatula. What’s the status of pan, spatula and the onions?


The spatula was and still is milchig, because the onions and pan were pareve, so they didn’t do anything to it. Regarding the onions and the frying pan, that will depend on how much residue there was on the spatula, the size of the spatula, and you would have to have 60 times the onions then the area of the spatula and cheese. The best thing would be to use the onions for milchig, and kasher the frying pan in boiling water. This is since the spatula was a ben yomo, we will have to be mevatel the absorbed milk inside it. The pan is heter, therefore it would only need hagalah, and not libun.

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