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I am a chozer b’teshuva for many years, and am the only orthodox member of my four siblings. The rest of the family is not observant. My sisters married jewish men one in a reform and one in a conservative wedding, and my younger brother married out to a non-jew.

As typically practiced today, would my sisters have a claim to live off as creditors my father’s estate after his passing if they married jewish men in a non-orthodox ceremony, or, halachically speaking, are they recognized as married and under their husbands’ domain for purposes of inheritance thus not entitled live off his estate?


Feeding the girls from the father’s inheritance is only until they are 12 and a half, therefore in your case it is not applicable. See Even Hoezer 112-1.

According to the halacha boys inherit and girls don’t and if you are the oldest you get two thirds and your brother one third and if you are not the oldest you split with your brother-is there a will? Will they listen to the halacha –hard to believe irreligious ppl will care abt the halocho.  Therefore make sure that a halachically acceptable living will is made. 

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  1. Toda Raba. I was born c-section, so I would figure it would be 50/50, but I wasn’t counting on them following halacha; only theoretically what the situation would be if done properly al pi halacha.

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