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Bracha length or Borei Nefashos



  1. What is the Gedder in Bracha Ketzara and Arucha? Is there a minimum length of words? In regards to Borei Nefashos, the length of the Bracha is relatively short and yet it still has a Chasima. If you could offer some clarity I would appreciate it.
  2. Also even though there is a debate about Borei Nefashos, if one was in the middle of saying it and had to answer Amen Yehe Shmei Rabba or Kedusha or Barechu should he stop to answer?
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  1. The Rambam in Pirsush Hamishnayos (Brachos 1-4) explains that a Bracha Arucha or Ketzara do not depend on how many words the bracha has, rather if it starts and ends with a bracha it is aurcha, and if not it is ketzara.
  2. Although there is debate, the way we pasken is that it is a Bracha Keztora, (see Shulchan Aruch 207-1 that we don’t say H-shem’s name at the end), and this is the minhag (see M:B 207-5). Therefore, we would not stop to answer all of these things in middle of the bracha. On a practical level though, it is a relatively short bracha, (no pun intended) and if you see that within the next 5 seconds you might have to answer amen etc., wait before stating the bracha.

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