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Civil complaints secular israeli companies


I recall two cases in the past regarding an Israeli Cell Phone Company and and Israeli Bank (Both are large, publicly traded companies–i think the cell phone was majority was owned by akum and the bank by a chiloni)

Case 1
The Ministry of communication passed a regulation that the companies had to unlock locked cell phones and other cell devices (around 2011 if I remember correctly). A company owned an obscure device (that let’s you connect a regular landline phone to the cell company) but it was locked to the cell phone network. The cell phone company didn’t respond to requests to unlock it. Was it ok to compain to the ministry of communications to compel the cell phone company to unlock the device? Is there a mesira problem here?

Case 2-One of the Israeli banks was discriminating over opening a bank account for a certain class of customer against the banking regulations. Was it ok to complain to the Bank of Israel (which regulates all the banks) to compel the Israeli Bank to open account? Is there a mesira problem in this case?

Thank You.


You should ask the company to abide by the rules and if they don’t you can complaint to the relevant authority. They aren’t going to go to beis din so you can go to the authorities.


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