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Shmoneh Esrei Situations


What is the proper procedure if one is davening SH”E word-for-word with the SH”TZ (either came late or wasn’t able to keep up with pace but still wants his tefilah to be considered b’tzibur and wants to say kedusha):
1) but the SH”TZ is davening in an different and perhaps even unfamiliar nusach?
2) but the SH”TZ is davening faster than one is able to keep up with?

What is the proper procedure if one starts SH’E with the tzibur but by the time the SH”TZ begins the repetition, one is still in the 1st bracha or 2nd bracha:
3) can delay in order to reach kedusha at the same time as the SH”TZ and say kedusha? If so, with the tzibur or with the SH”TZ? If with the SH”TZ, does one have to continue saying SH”E with the SH”TZ word for word?
4) can this be done even lichatchita – ie, can one start SH”E silently with the tzibur and go slow in order to be able to kedusha with the SH”TZ during his repetition (rather than relying on hearing the kedusha)?


    1. When davening together with the shatz (shliach tzibbur) even if he is saying a different nusach you should daven the same words that he is saying until the bracha hakel hakadosh. After that you do’t have to say the same nusach however it is better to use the same nusach.
    2. If the shatz is davening too fast for you, and you can’t concentrate at such a pace, you can daven together with him until hakel hakadosh, and after that daven on your own, however make sure to bow when the shatz gets up to modim. (When bowing to modim it should be when you are in middle of a bracha of between brachos, but not at the ending or first words of the bracha see O:CH 109-1).
    3. Someone who davened so slowly that he only finished on bracha by the time the tzibbur has already started chazoras hashatz, may time himself to be able to say kedusha together with the chatz, and say it along with him word for word.
    4. The whole idea of davening together with the shatz, it when you start with the shatz, however if you stated earlier or later although you may say kedusha together with him it isn’t l’chatchila. Additionally, the whole idea of davening together with the shatz, although it is better than davening by your self but it isn’t not the l’chatchila thing to do according to a number of poskim. See Sources

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