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Food brachos card define:


Part 1 – Here’s one of the foods card. ( Al Hamichya card) How is this used/said accurately? Thank you.


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This food card is the “Al Hamichya” bracha, which is one of the three types bracha achrona. Essentially it is a higher form of bracha then “borei nofashos” because it is specialized to the produce made of the “seven minim”, the seven type of produce for which Eretz Yisroel is praised. The seven species are Wheat, (which includes rye) barley (which includes oats and spelt), grapes, figs, pomegranate, olives, and dates for. There are two parts to this bracha, the main standard text, and the variation parts, that are said according to what specifically was eaten. There are four different variations on the card, one after eating mezonos, or food from the five grains – with the text “al hamichya, v’al hakalkala”. The second is after drinking wine or grape juice called “al hagefen”.The third variation is said after eating from the five fruits called “al haetz”.  The fourth one is when someone ate two of the types -mezonos and wine together.

Additionally, there is a small text that is inserted on special days, such as Shabbos Yom Tov or Rosh Chodesh.

If there is anything else you would like to know  don’t hesitate to let us know.

Note – the paragragh at the bottom of the card if borei nefashios, which is your other question.

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