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Accidentally putting meat knife on ceramic dairy dish. Both dirty.


My son cooked himself a meat dish but after he had finished he put a meat knife he had used to cut the cooked meat in the dairy washing up pile, specifically on top of a ceramic plate with residue of pasta and butter. Is there anything I can do to avoid throwing the plate away or is it doomed?


When he put the knife down on to the ceramic dish, was the knife still hot, or did it already cool down? If it cooled down, (which shouldn’t of taken more than two three minutes) and it was not yet washed together with the milky dish in hot water, then we don’t regard the knife as having imparted it’s meaty taste on to the milky plate. Therefore if this is the case, just wash off both the knife and plate with water that is not hot,with dish washing soap, and both of them are kosher to use. If this is not what happened let me know.

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