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Bedikat hametz when all of my hametz has been already been removed from my home


BH Thank you so much for your help. Where I currently live, the garbage is collected Tuesday early morning and Thursday early morning. Passover starts Wednesday night- in order to do bedikat hametz, do I need to keep bread to be able to search for it on Tuesday night (which would mean there is bread on the property during the Seder on Wednesday night, although in the garbage bins outside, and the hametz would have been sold online prior to the Seder…) Does bedikat hametz “count” if I do it without bread on Tuesday night, or should I do bedikat hametz with bread on Monday night?

Thanks so much.

Chag sameah.


The bedika should be done on Tuesday night, with a bracha, even if you do’t have any more chometz in your property. The minhag is to put out the ten peices of bread, so we will actually “find” something, but we are mekayem the mitzva even if we don’t find anty chometz. regarding the issue of the garbage collection, if you can dispose of all your chometz by Tuesday, and only save a little bit of it for the bedikah, that is great. What is left over after the bedika, you can save until erev Pesach in the morning, and this year due to the Corona virus, the rabbonim are letting everyone in the states to crumble it up (carefully) and flush it down the toilet. If you can’t get rid of your chometz before the garbage is taken on Tuesday morning, you can put the garbage can’s that contain chometz outside of your property, on the side walk or street, so it isn’t in your possesion from Wednesday morning.

Chag kasher v’sameach


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