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When to say the ShLaH’s tefilla for children this year?


Can you tell me when to say the ShLaH’s tefilla for children this year, that erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan is Shabbos? On Shabbos? Before Shabbos?


Thank you for your question.

We are allowed to say Tefillas Ha ShLaH on Shabbos even though it is a tefiilah, and generally we don’t say tefillos on Shabbos. The reason is that although we don’t make personal requests on Shabbos, so we won’t come to be sad, however we are allowed to daven for ruchnius related things, (such as the tefilloh after lighting candles). Additionally, the prohibition is only on personal tefillos and not when the tefilloh is a specific text that is meant and can be said by anyone and at any time. We do this numerous times over Shabbos, such as in Shemona Esrei, when we say Kadisheinu B’mitzvosecha etc, Yukom Purkon, Brich Shmey, the Yehi Ratzon after brachos in the morning, etc.

May H-shem hear your tefillos and all of your children should grow up to be big talmidei chachamim, and marbitzei torah.


Mbais Levi -Kovetz Binyonay Chodesh Nissan pg. 85, Shevet Hakshosi 3-142, V’dorashto V’chokarto 5 CH:M 15(4), U’biyom Hashabbos 39 ftnt 16, Aliba D’hilchoso 51 pg. 79, Piskei Teshuvos 288-5, YIsmach Moshe 2 pg. 317, Peninei Tefilloh pg. 114. Mishnas Yosef 9-126 however suggests to say it on Thursday. Additionally according to R’ Eliyashiv zt”l the part related to parnossa should be omitted.

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