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Drinking during shacharis


  1. Are women allowed to drink during psukei d’zimra?
  2. Are men allowed to drink at any points during shacharis, for example after the amidah or after tachanun? Thank you


  1. We are not allowed to make a bracha on food during pesukei d’zimra, if the bracha was said before starting to daven, and it is a drink that is permitted to drink before davening then it would permitted. For women though if they need to drink and the bracha was said before starting pesukei d’zimra, since she was already said Birkas Hatorah, she may drink if she needs it . This is since there are opinions that she has already been yotza davening, she may rely on those opinions and drink.
  2. Although it is preferred to wait, but it is permitted as long as he is not going to get involved with it and do it quickly.  As far as the eating is concerned that is permitted because he already davened, but the issue here again is the bracha, because we should preferably not talk out, between Shemona Esrei and Tachanun, as it diminishes the power of the Tachanun. According to some poskim it only applies to being busy with other things, but not for talking out a few words.

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