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Kavana when reciting brachot


Dear Rav
My wife would like to know what is preferable:
(1) reciting the morning Brachot by herself and then attending to our 5 month old baby
(2) singing the Brachot to the baby
With option 2, my wife has less kavana for the Brachot but she wants the baby to grow up hearing words of Torah and Brachot. I suggested that she do both i.e. first say the Brachot herself with kavana and then recite them again (without Shem u’Malchut) for the baby. However my wife often doesn’t have the time or energy to do both. Which approach do you think is preferable?


When saying the brachot it is important that she have proper kavana, after all, a bracha is talking to Hashem, like we say “Boruch ata Hashem” blessed YOU Hashem, we are talking directly to Hashem. Therefore she should say the brachot by herself with kavana. On the other hand, she is correct that your child should hear words of torah and brachot, for that she can repeat a little of the bachot without saying Hashem’s name, or she can save singing adon olam for singing with the baby.

Best wishes

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