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Onat Haflagah


1) After having how many days between 2 periods would the haflaga counting be nullified for the next cycle?
2) Also, when do you keep the haflaga? by night or day for the correct date and/ does it correspond to the time – night/day when you received your last period?

Ketivah Vechatimah Tovah!



Thank you for your question.

  1. If there was a long space between two periods, assuming that you have a veses sheino kavua, all the haflagos that were passed are canceled. For example, if the first haflaga was 35 days, and the next one was 40 days, the first haflagah is erased. And you would only keep the haflaha of 40. However, the haflagah of this period, even if it is very long, i.e. 60 days will still be counted, if you didn’t see for 60 days.
  2. The onah that is kept is the time of day that the last period came. If it came at night, then at night if by day, by day.

Kesiva v’chasiva tova


YL:D 184-2

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