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Shabath candles with non kosher oil


shalom, i would like to know if we can light candles for shabath and yom tov being candles made by goyim (not kosher) or with non kosher oil or non kosher wick? Because unfortunately in my city we are out of kosher sailing at the moment


It is hard to answer you without knowing the issue that you have with what you are lighting, but here are the rules. It is permitted to light with an item that was made by a gentile, as long as it wasn’t made for avoda zara use. Even if the oil or wicks are not kosher and cannot be eaten, it is still permitted to light with them, unless they are “assur b’hana’ah” (forbidden to have any benefit from them). This would include if it is basar b’chalav, avoda zara, or orlah (which will not be applicable in the diaspora). Additionally if the oil was tevel, it can’t be used.

In practicality, it is hard to imagine that your oil or wicks are any of the above, however these are the rules.

One other point, if he oil is not kosher, it should not be lit in a cup that you might use for drinking, as the hot oil will make the cup treif.

Kesiva vchasima tova


M:B 264-14, Pischei teshuvos 264-3

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