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Patur from sukkah if sun gives headache


I very easily get headaches from even very short amounts of time in the sun. Am I patur from eating in the sukkah whilst the sukkah is still the sun?
Thanks for this great service


Something doesn’t sound right. Your succah should not have so much sun, and even if one part of the succah has sun, you can’t move to a shadier part?

After all of that, if the succah is making you headaches, and you have no way to avoid it then at that time you don’t have to sit there.

A gut moed



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  1. Thanks. There are times in the day, such as around noon when the sun is high in the sky, so there isn’t a shadier part of the sukkah.
    As for your first point – there isn’t so much sun, only what comes through the Schach. But even that is often enough to give me a headache

    1. That sounds pretty severe.
      refuah shleima

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