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Private information about our daughter


My 16 year old daughter becomes a bit moody at her ‘time of the month’ which of course is very common. My daughter is comfortable discussing these issues with my wife but not with me, which of course is very appropriate.

The problem is that when I see my daughter becoming upset I can get quite affected. When my wife tells me that it is just her ‘time of the month’ I feel much more reassured and relaxed because I know that it is normal and will pass.

Our question – is it a problem for my wife to tell me this information about our daughter? On the one hand it is her private information and she would not feel comfortable telling me. On the other hand, if my wife tells me, it makes me feel much more relaxed and it really helps me with my relationship with my daughter.
Thank you!


It is permitted for your wife to tell you this information, since it is considered l’toeles. Similar to two partners that tell each other information that is important for the safety of the business. This information helps you in your relationship with your daughter, therefore it is not lashon hora.

Best wishes


Chofetz Chaim 8-10.

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