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Desecration of Kedusha


If one is wearing tight pants, and one senses a small amount of a sense of pleasure because of this during davening, or while learning etc…may one continue to daven or learn?


Before answering your question, you should not be wearing tight pants, especially since it is causing you sensation. Therefore, the question really shouldn’t come up again because you should buy wider pants, (even though it is not so easy, because the style in certain circles unfortunately is to wear such pants). Regarding your question, although you should not be davening and learning when you have such thoughts, nevertheless from a practical angle this is what you should do. There is a great rule regarding our minds, that our conscious brain cannot think about two things at the same time. Additionally, don’t think about not thinking about it because that is thinking about it. I once heard a good example of this, if I would tell you be careful now not to think about a purple elephant, remember don’t think about a purple elephant. What were you thinking about… a purple elephant! Therefore, keep on learning, but don’t think about the feeling, or about not thinking about the feeling, rather very gently think about the topic you are learning about. During davening, think that you are right now talking to Hashem and concentrate on the words of the Shemona Esrei, and think about what it feels like to talk to a king.  Then (without thinking about it) the thoughts and feelings will disappear.

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Chochmas Adom 127-7, Olas Yitzchok E:H 148, Ezer Mikodesh E:H 23-6, Shulchan Aruch O:CH 74-6.

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