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Hilchos Losh and Melaben



I have a few questions regarding Losh.

  1. Is mixing spices into mayonnaise considered losh? According to the opinion of R’ Moshe Feinstein that mixing two things with the same texture is not considered Losh, is Chrayne and Mayonnaise considered the same texture?
  2. What about a liquid into mayonnaise such as lemon juice, since the lemon juice itself is getting thicker?
  3. When adding mayonnaise to a salad one is allowed to in the normal way as long as the pieces aren’t “Dak dak”. Would a standard TCP(Tomato, cucumber and pepper) salad be a problem if the pieces are chopped small or would it only be problematic when the pieces actually stick together in a salad like coleslaw?
  4. And regarding Melabein, is one allowed to brush dandruff off on Shabbos (according to the Remo – Shitas Rashi) or would it only be mutar by blowing it off?



  1. When mixing spices into mayonnaise, unless you are mixing in a lot of spices, it would not be an issue since the spices are only “floating” in the mayonnaise and getting bound together by it. Therefore, losh wouldn’t apply. Regarding your next point, I am not aware where R’ Moshe talks about this.
  2. Mileches Losh only applies when adding the solid particles will thicken the mixture. However when adding liquid to the mixture it will thin the mixture, therefore it is permitted (unless it will cause the mixture to thicken later on).
  3. When making a vegetable salad the pieces are usually not cut that small for losh to be an issue, since the pieces are not actually binding together.
  4. It is permitted to brush off the dandruff lightly with your hand, but not with a brush. This because the dandruff is not absorbed in the garment, rather it sits on top of it, therefore it is not considered melaben.

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