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Ears chafifa


When preparing for tevilla, what must be cleaned away from the ears?
I know that it is only until where a finger can reach. (Not a qtip, right?) but even that area is lined with yellow substance that cannot (and probably shoud not) be fully removed. Why exactly are we told to clean the ears?

Wat about the outer ear? There is some white matter in the crevices but I’d assume that noone is makpid. Is that correct? Does the outer ear need to be cleaned?
Thank you


A woman should clean out any wax inside her ears before tevila. She should clean from any part of the inside of the ear that is visible. The only yellow substance that I know of is wax which should be removed. I don’t know why you say that it cannot be removed.

The outer ear should also be cleaned because l’chatichila she should clean even things that are miut sheino makpid, however there is no need to get overly nervous about it.


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