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Pot and pan used on non kosher stove top


I have a pot and grill pan that was used on a non-kosher glass smoothtop burner. The area within the heat was kashered by turning on the burner first but the pot and pan are larger than the heating area and thus sat partially on the rest of the burner. The burner wasn’t used in 24 hours but there was some residue on it. What would be the best way to kasher the pot and grill pan?



The halacha will depend on what the pot and pan were used for when they were on the stovetop. If they were used to cook food with liquid, then hagalah will suffice. However, if the pan was used to grill something without liquid, then it would need libun chamur, (which might just kill the pan). It should be noted that this is all on the assumption that the area was indeed used for non-kosher food, and not just because you ae not sure if meat and milk might have spilled in that area.


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