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Benefitting from business talk done on Shabbos


On Pesach (might have been Shabbos, yuntif or both) someone was talking about a food purchasing/delivery option that I did not know about, and tried to tell me about it for my own purchasing benefit in the future. Is it considered benefitting from the incorrect speech if I look into and use the service now? If not, why not?
Thank you very much



Thank you for your question.

You are allowed to benefit from the service option that this person told you about.  Although the person should not have talked about it on Shabbos the halachos of “maaseh Shabbos” (not benefiting from forbidden Shabbos desecration) do not apply here. One reason is because it only applies to certain melacha actions, and not to forbidden speech. Secondly, the forbidden speech is a rabbinic prohibition, and even if a rabbinic prohibition was transgressed it would only prohibit using the item until after Shabbos, which is not applicable in your instance.

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Chayei Adam (Shabbos) 9-1, Gra”z 339-7, M:B 339-25, Shar Hatzion 24, Biur Halacha 318-1 D”H Achas.

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