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Babysitter heated her food and put it into a kosher bowl


Hi, My babysitter cooked rice and beans at home (she has special pots she uses for vegan cooking which she said never touched alcohol, meat or milk-although not sure about vinegar…although certainly not used in past few days).. She brought it in and I heated it for her double wrapped and then gave her a plastic fork. I walked away because I expected her to eat it out of her own container but she grabbed our bowl and used it for her hot food. She then washed it and put it away with other identical bowls so I’m not sure which one she used, I just know it happened because she told me. What do I do? Do I need to throw out my set of bowls because I don’t know which one she used? Also I assume she also washed other dishes of mine while washing the bowl she used for her food… what do I do?



Thank you for your question.
You can use all of your bowls, and you don’t have to be concerned about what happened. The reason is because of a number of factors. Firstly, we are not going to believe your gentile babysitter that this is what happened. Secondly, we don’t know that the food she put in there was treif. Additionally, (although it is controversial) it is possible that the bowl would only be considered a kli sheini for this.
Best wishes


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