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Buying knock off products


Let’s say someone is selling sports equipment, however, they have no authority from original company to produce these goods; they function just as good as original, and even have the logo.
The sellers don’t hide the fact they are not selling originals.
Can one buy from them ?
(If this question is inappropriate, please answer in private)



Thank you for your question.

What the seller is doing is actually stealing by counterfeiting the company’s logo and good name and using for himself. By you buying his products you are supporting him in his scandalous actions, and helping him continue to steal. If people would buy these products, this store wouldn’t engage in such activity. Therefore you should not buy these products from him.

With Hashem’s help you will find better places to give your business.

Best wishes


Babba Kama 118b, Rambam Hilchos Geneiva 5, CH:M 356-1, Sma 356-1.

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